Thursday, October 6, 2011

#change11 Collective Learning Examples

Example 1: Learning from Coworkers
When working on a day to day task, one learns more efficient, better, and different ways of performing that task. The way one does that is by observing and talking with their coworkers when at work. These lessons then become part of our daily routine of performing those tasks. We take the best practices and embed them into our daily routine, while leaving out the less efficient practices.

Example 2: Learning from Researching
When we are researching for certain things, we often come across other people's research, and use that research as part of our work (referencing it of course). This example is best illustrated by writing and publishing a paper. When someone is researching, they use other individuals' ideas and either improve upon them or to use them to back up our own ideas.

Example 3: Improving on an invention
No one can invent the wheel anymore, one has to put together various inventions to create a brand new one. When entrepreneurs think of an idea, they utilize other people's inventions or ideas to either support or incorporate them within their own idea.

These three examples are a form of collective learning, where one is learning from others to improve their own practices or create new practices.


  1. I would like to add to this list group learning. When people of a same field work together on a similar project they learn from each other as well as share their own knowledge.