Monday, October 10, 2011

Binding force in collective learning, #change11, #collective

The binding force can be various reasons for why one would want to learn in a group rather than by themselves. One can be they are working within an organization and it is good practice to work within groups and often forced. Another reason can be you have a common interest with other individuals and you want to connect with them to see what their experiences have been for that common interest. And obviously when you are with family, friends that you happen to be around, these groups share certain knowledge as well, though you may not agree with their views, you still get to hear them and make sense out of them. All these reasons cause you to consume knowledge and allows you to create more knowledge, which would evenly lead to knowledge sharing.

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  1. All the students mostly like to do the group studies instead of learning and studying alone. The reason is when you do combine studies, you share your thoughts mutually and get the answer of your confusions at the same time.