Monday, October 17, 2011

Towards Open Learning

How do we promote open learning and our work?

I think the best way for my work to have an impact would be to first of all make it so engaging to the learner so that it is easily understandable, i.e., complex knowledge transferred in the best possible explicit way. To get to that point however, is a challenge of its own. However, I would definitely, try to market the value it provides to the learner, organizations, whomever has an interest in that topic. I think promoting it effectively would be essential, especially to the right people, organizations. Utilization of the social networks would make a "free" source of marketing as well.

In thinking about this my question back to you is, how do you get around the fact that if there's no financial or other benefit(s) to your audience, how do you sell it?

1 comment:

  1. Yes you are right in that work should be engaging and should hold some value for the learners. The work done only for the sake of marketing is of no use and will have a short time impact on the target audience.