Monday, October 17, 2011

Transforming Teaching and Learning through Technology Management - In Response to Tony Bates

I think the existing classroom model is in need for restructuring, here's why:
- The work model has changed where people have the opportunity to work from home and they get paid for this... So then the question is, when you are paying for something, why can't you do it from home, esp when it can be done from home? That's one simple example of how traditional classrooms can change into a webinar format, esp when the class isn't hands on.
- Technology, in the example I just mentioned, has the key role to play, where it would enable the classes to be delivered via web conferencing systems and other related tools.
- If one is a professor or teacher, he/she can start delivering their classes virtually, it takes one person to start a revolution, and the rest will follow, especially when it is so attractive to the audience and even cost effective (considering the fact that the classroom that was freed up can be used for some other purpose).

I also think that the traditional model needs to become a bit more engaging in the sense #change11 is delivered, where students are having discussions after the lecture, so instructors can create forums for students to utilize, rather than have the students do it themselves, which some do, i.e., facebook groups.


  1. Today i have accompanied colleagues from a new university University to sample how Kenyan Universities are using e learning and distance learning. In one university(Kenyatta University) we found elaborate blending learning and it has students from even the developed world.But there challenges, internet is not yet totally available in many parts of Kenya either due to costs or sheer lack of connectivity. This blended learning has been around for 11 years- i know they beam out live synchronous lectures- though i suspect the technology would be old-so Umr yes it is possible to replicate MOOC in more parts of the world.

  2. Thank You, I think your example is an excellent one, with regards to what is possible with distance education, as long as there's a will. With limited resources, what Kenyatta University has done shows that challenges to distance education can be overcome.