Saturday, October 1, 2011

#change11 Digital Scholarship

I will be answering this question for the "Digital Scholarship" presentation by Martin Weller: what impact has digital scholarship had on your practice and what difficulties have you encountered? #change11, #change11digschol,

From Martin Weller's presentation for the #change11 course this week, I've gathered that the concept of digital scholar is becoming important more and more. The usage of Internet as a source of sharing has not been an important part of my experience so far, as I have not involved myself up until recently. And in my experience of working in the post-secondary institutions, I have observed some people moving towards becoming digital scholars, but the numbers weren't huge. And as a result of that, I never wondered about creating a twitter account, joining facebook groups, blogging, etc. I do see the value in this though, as it allows you to share knowledge across the world and with different people and further develop your ideas and your thought process.
The main difficulties that I have experienced is the motivation and time, as there's no "dollar" amount attached (at least immediately) to being a digital scholar, the only other motivation then is your willingness to share and change your routine practices. For example, I will need to either spend couple hours a day to stay up to date and share my opinions with the rest, or carry a smartphone to do that throughout the day. The other problem is the amount of "information" that is available out there, which makes it at times painful to keep track of everything or most things on a topic. And if your network grows large enough, it could be a more and more time consuming task to keep up to date.


  1. Digital Scholarships? This is new term for me, I need to do some research to learn more about it. Thank you for sharing this blog

  2. I feel awful, for not discovering this blog sooner. This blog is a bit of magnificence, nothing else.